Having started import business since the year 1991 ,  we have evolved leaps over last 24 years  , now evolving to be known as a leader trading company in import business in China .

The achievements of our exponential growth comes from our professional team with rich experience in import business ,  strong domestic sales service network in China, abundant capital strength for booking and making timely payment ;  furthermore , because of our real-time ,accurate , wide inion flow all over the world , we have the quality of superior ability on overall strength of risk aversion.

Our products line includes but not limited to :  Metro equipment  ( Vehicle System/ Propulsion System /Signalling System/  AFC System /  Wheel Reprofiling Machine / Rail Grinder etc.)

Diesel Engine for Diesel Generator Set with accessories  .

Passenger car production line .

Marine radar equipment 

100% cotton yarn /piece goods 

foods ,health care products . 

We as a qualified importer and comprehensive service provider ,  based on our excellent reputation and super strength , could surely meet the requirements of every possible customer all over the world.


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